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National Shut-In Visitation Day February 11th

Nat. Shut-in Visitation DayTLC Caregivers encourages every person and agency to participate in this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others!

NATIONAL SHUT-IN VISITATION DAY is February 11th – A visit to a shut-in can make a positive difference in that person’s life. February 11th celebrates National …Shut-in Visitation Day and each year on this day, many people across the nation take the time to make a difference. Although this date is to highlight needs to this issue, it shouldn’t be the only day throughout the year that we visit a shut-in, whether they are at home, in someone else’s home, an Assisted Living Facility, a Nursing Home, or temporarily in a hospital setting! Shut-ins can feel “cut off from the world” and may feel lonely, isolated, and/or sad. Sometimes shut-ins do not have family and friends available to visit and spend time with them and they lack companionship – even in some cases where family is available, a “new friend” can change someone’s life and provide another outlet for not only the person isolated, but family / their Caregivers as well. Notice we didn’t only say elderly as there are shut-ins of all ages. We often take for granted our freedom to be able to go outside each day, take a walk around the block, drive to a favorite location or business, eat lunch at a restaurant, go to the gym, walk through the park, or even enjoy the scenery around us or close to us, such as the sandy beaches we have so close by here in Northwest Florida. A visit with a shut-in can brighten their day and positively impact their wellbeing!

Make a plan to make a difference in someone’s life – Do you have a family member or friend that would benefit from you making this commitment? Seek out someone who doesn’t have family or friends that can visit them, make a new friend! You’ll be glad you did and the difference you make will mean the world to the person you’ve reached out to! Who knows, maybe what you receive from reaching out will be more than the person you’ve reached out to…..

Other ways to get involved and make a difference – Volunteer with a Meals on Wheels Program {locally in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties through the Council on Aging of West Florida (COAWFLA) and in Walton and Okaloosa Counties through the Walton / Okaloosa Council on Aging (WOCOA)} , check your church for programs they have, sign up with Big Brothers / Big Sisters, etc. There are numerous organizations that could use your volunteer time to positively impact the lives of shut-ins!

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